Skating Rinks

In the beginning the competition took place only in the St. Leonard skating rink of Fribourg. Then due to the increasing number of teams, the competition had to use others skating rinks in the Canton, like Bulle, Romont, Guin, Marly. Since 2010, the TIPF is held again exclusively in Fribourg following the startup of the 2nd track of ice.

2017 Edition

The 23th Edition, from March 24 to March 26 2017, will take place in the BCF Arena and the 2nd Rink in Fribourg.

Others infrastructures

Used premises: Festivity hall, Pci Schönberg and Jura, Mensa (University restaurant).

Accommodations and catering

During the event, the logging and the food for all the teams (17 players + 3) are taken care by the organization.


Main partners


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Piccolos de Fribourg

14 - 17 April 2022